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The safety of our students is our primary focus, and with our state of the art security system, and cleaning procedures, our building was designed to keep your children safe while they, learn and grow.
Learning Tree Children’s Academy values a strong community, and it is our commitment to upholding our core values of love, respect, excellence, and integrity. By holding ourselves and our community to these standards, children are able to learn and grow in the best possible environment. 

Our Four Pillars & Core Values

Sesna Rivera: Learning Tree Children’s Academy Principal

In times as unprecedented as the ones we have seen in 2020, everyone has stepped up to the plate. From healthcare workers to grocery store employees to teachers and school staff, we have seen people come together to bring some normalcy to the world. At Learning Tree Children’s Academy, our staff has gone above and beyond to continue providing safe, reliable, high quality Christian education to our students. Sesna Rivera has ensured that her school remains the consistency that all families need in these inconsistent times. Sesna obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and is currently obtaining a Masters of Science in Leadership from Grand Canyon University. She has worked with children since July 2015 as a summer camp teacher, transitioned to an after school teacher, then a summer camp director, before becoming an office assistant, and is now a principal, as she has been since June of 2018.

Sesna started at Learning Tree Children’s Academy in August of 2017 and has been in education since 2015. Her favorite thing about her job is the ability to positively influence lives, build relationships, and show others the love of God. When life gets hard, what keeps Sesna coming to work is the fact that no matter how difficult life may be, what she does is so rewarding and a valuable service to others. The children’s hugs are an added bonus! Outside of work, her favorite thing to do is be around the people she loves. Her favorite food is anything Mexican or spicy, and chips and queso are a big weakness. She would love to travel to Greece and Germany as well as to visit all of the beautiful libraries and waterfalls in the world.

Laurie Payne: Learning Tree Children’s Academy Teacher of the Year

This year has been one of uncertainty and unprecedented times, and now more than perhaps ever before it has been essential to provide safe, reliable care to our children. Teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure that the students and children in their care have been able to receive the attention, care, education, and love that can give them some sense of normalcy in a time that has been far from normal. At Learning Tree Children’s Academy, we believe that our teachers are simply the best. Learning Tree Children’s Academy parents and staff voted Laurie Payne, or “Lala” as the 2020 Teacher of the Year.

Laurie is the lead teacher in the 2-year-old class. Throughout the year she has been consistent and has shown great love and care to our students. She has 9 years of experience at Learning Tree Academy and 30 years of experience in education. Her experience as an educator includes Odessa High School – Teacher Education Program (Jr & Sr), Odessa College – 2 years Child Development, West Over Academy – Odessa, Sunday school Teacher, Teacher at Learning Tree Children’s Academy – 9 years, training new co-workers, Christian Preschool Centers – received a Teacher Certification, Parent’s Choice Award & Teacher of the Year 3 years straight!

Laurie loves to teach children about Jesus and considers Learning Tree Children’s Academy a second family. Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching movies. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Colorado or New Mexico. Her favorite food is tacos. She has two sons.

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