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New to Private School
If you are new to private school it is normal to feel uncertain about leaving your child in an unknown place. At The Learning Tree Children's Academy we offer an open door policy and encourage you to voice any concerns and we are happy to answer any questions. We want you to feel at home while you are at The Learning Tree and we are sensitive to you and your child's needs. We are confident the benefits our school offer, are sure to help you and your child feel comfortable and secure:

  1. Our teachers are continuously trained so they learn the most current and relevant information regarding their         responsibility as your child's caregiver and teacher.
  2. Our programs are built off of consistency giving your child the confidence they need to succeed.
  3. Your child will not only have a trained teacher but a full staff to assist in you in your transition.
  4. We follow strict safety and security proced--ures.
  5. Our school offers a clean and healthy environment.
  6. Our on staff cook serves 3 balanced and nutritious meals daily.
  7. Our program offers lower ratios allowing our teachers more one-on-one time with your child.
  8. We have convenient hours and a great location with easy access.
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