Private School Program

Join us for a private school program for school aged children through 5th grade. Learning Tree offers a higher level of education in a safe and clean environment giving your children social and emotional interaction while maintaining the safety your family needs.  Our curriculum is Christian based with an elevated scope and sequence covering a variety of subjects appropriate to each grade level.

Curriculum Example

For example, first grade covers subjects such as:
  • Bible
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Language Development
  • Grammar
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling and Poetry
  • Arithmetic
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Health
  • Music
  • Art

Each subject is implemented through a series of visual aids and workbooks to accomplish a greater level of learning.  In reading, children learn that there is a whole new world waiting for them as they advance their reading skills. The early readers coordinate the reading material with the phonics concepts students are learning. Students move from stories with simple one- and two-vowel words to stories based on children’s classics, giving them valuable practice in applying phonics skills

As grade levels increase additional subjects are included such as composition, penmanship, and vocabulary.  While the subjects are similar, the curriculum is designed to build on itself to ensure that the student is getting the best lesson and understanding of each topic.  In reading, for example, students would be looking at an outstanding variety of children’s literature from famous classics to modern selections which encourages young readers to come back for more. This will entertain students while deepening their understanding of the written word. With an emphasis on literary elements and concepts, students will grow in their ability to think critically while establishing and developing the foundation for a Biblical worldview.

The primary subjects are taught daily with ample opportunity for review connecting across subjects to reinforce the principles through the days work. For example in Bible they may learning about Noah’s Ark and in language development they may be learning about animals. The teacher will then reference the story of Noah’s Ark as a review and added lesson time.


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Preschool (2-3 years)

Children enrolled in Learning Tree Children’s Academy Preschool program will have the privilege of learning through a unique combination of professionally developed curriculum and our exclusive enrichment programs. Preschool classes learn through a variety of stimulating hands-on experiences, all designed to support their growth and development. Daily lessons and activities build upon elements learned in our toddler program, while introducing the foundation for our Preschool program. The following activities are all part of an exciting daily schedule:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Pre-reading
  • Pre-writing
  • Sign Language
  • Foreign Language
  • Biblical Life Lesson
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Rhythm and Praise
  • In His Image Fitness

Each preschool classroom has been designed to offer a variety of stimulating activities. Here at Learning Tree Children’s Academy, our Preschool students are required to wear uniforms. Uniforms allow students to focus on who they are on the inside instead of focusing on the external appearance of themselves and others.


Our nationally accredited Kindergarten program is designed in two parts. Because we are an advanced academic program, we start teaching kindergarten concepts at a younger age, our kindergarten four programs (K4) starts the fist semester preparing students for our second-semester kindergarten. Our Kindergarten (K5) program builds on our K4 kindergarten the first semester, and by the second semester are students will be learning standard First Grade concepts. The intention of these is to set your child up for academic success for life, by academically placing them ahead of their peers.

  • Foreign Languages
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Biblical Life Lesson
  • Art
  • Math
  • Sign Language
  • Writing
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • In His Image Fitness

First Grade

Learning Tree Children’s Academy is excited to begin 1st grade for the school year 2020-2021! 


We take pride in our accelerated and advanced curriculum, and we are are excited to carry this level of excellence into the elementary grade level. First grade at Learning Tree is a place for your child to become confident and gain an advanced knowledge of 1st grade curriculum in a small group setting. We recognize that many kindergartners are a little more behind than usual due to public schools closing early this last school year, luckily our small class size will allow plenty of one on one attention to assist your child in not only catching up but then excelling through first grade. It is our goal that our first graders will be able to progress into learning at a 2nd-3rd grade level in all subjects throughout the school year. They will be able to enhance their phonics, reading, writing, science, arithmetic, geography as well as learn new things such as poetry and history amongst so much more! Your child will also have the benefit of learning in a Christian environment, helping to set the foundation of loving others as the grow. We are overjoyed for the opportunity to grow our program in such a great and beneficial way. We’d love for you to be a part of this amazing opportunity to advance your child’s education!

Join Us!

We hope you choose us to serve your family.

Learning Tree Children’s Academy wants to provide the best early Christian education experience possible for your family. May God bless you and your family in your decision. 


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We would love for you to join our community. It's such a blessing to see the children grow academically and develop strong character.
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March 2021

Monday March 1

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Tuesday March 2

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Dr Suess Spirit Week - Green Eggs & Ham--Wear the color Green!

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Dr Suess Spirit Week - Wacky Wednesday -- Wear your clothes backwards, mismatched, or inside out.

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